Project Description

Long Project

The Brief

The client asked for a good looking self care garden and limited maintenance. Also had to keep in mind the dog jumping into the water.

The Solution

Access was difficult on this site where everything came in via a barge, juggling tides, barge bookings, deliveries to boat ramp, cranes etc was a task with in it self. We placed a dog wire under the turf and a collar on the dog and operated it from a power point and phone so the little dog didn’t end up in the water. Planting of some mature trees and a mix of small ground covers was designed and implemented.

The turf was a Buffalo which could stand the strong sea salt and winds.

The sandstone was sealed with a specific sealer designed for full frontal salt spray to help limit the erosion and visual affect of the stone.

Client Benefits

Bay and Beyond Landscapes successfully met the brief despite the difficult location.