Hunter Project

The Brief

This project was a gift to the husband of the Client, and had to meet a budget.  The designer designed the garden but it was double the client’s budget.  Bay and Beyond Landscapes went over the plans looking for a way to save money and suggesting what could stay in and what needed to be taken out.  There was a sewer main to deal with and a water feature reservoir that had to be hidden.

The Solution

Access was through a driveway and a pedestrian garage door.  Everything had to be hand dug, pour, brought in, taken out through the door and then down the drive.  With our specialised machines, we tackled the location with ease.  The sewer main was bridged over with large piers either side and footings were made larger.  The reservoir was hidden in a chamber under paving.  Two pavers can now be removed to maintain the pump.

Client Benefits

The Client now maintains the landscaped garden with an immaculate eye.  It looks as good as when we left which is a great credit to them. The cover over the window was from an artist in steel, and really captivates the yard.  The two sandstone seats give a new dimension to the products used.